Web Management and Business Tools

There are a number of tools and utilities I use and recommend to those just starting out managing a website who do not know where to look. They range from free to flexible and affordable plans, and all high quality tools allowing you to get started without breaking the budget.


WinSCP – Secure Copy program. Transfer images and other files to the host site.

Firefox – Firefox browser. Site verification and advanced browsing features. Built in textbox spell checker.

Google Toolbar for Firefox – Google Toolbar with PageRank feature for Firefox browser

Google Toolbar for IE – Google Toolbar with PageRank feature for Microsoft’s IE browser

Online Tools – Social bookmarking site. Save and categorize links. Share and access them anywhere.

Bloglines – Online feed aggregator. Read and manage feed subscriptions, available from a browser where ever you go.

FeedBurner – Feed management provider. Get statistics of feed subscribers.

Campaign Monitor – Email newsletter management tool.

Website Analytics and Traffic Statistics

Google Webmaster Tools – Stats and tools for your site’s position in Google’s index.

Google Analytics – Free visitor tracking software.

Crazy Egg – Advanced site visitor tracking.

Mint – An affordable, flexible visitor tracking software package.

Standards and Design

Open Source Web Design – Free web designs for inspiration and templates.

Open Web Design – More free web designs for inspiration and templates.

CSS Zen Garden – Site with submitted designs showing what can be accomplished in a web format. Use for inspiration.


Blinksale – Online invoice management.

simplybill – Online invoice management.

FreshBooks – Online invoice management.

Billable – Mac OS X invoicing application.