What is involved with owning a website?

Website ownership is a mystery to most individuals. A website is just a Word document on the Internet, isn’t it? Can’t I just update and manage it the same way I save one on my computer? While a website seems like a simple thing to manage, it does consist of a number of components which require attention and know-how. Understanding these components properly will allow anyone to know what they need to do to start and manage a site and what people are talking about when dealing with others.

Main Components

The main components of a web site are analogous to a physical business. There are slight differences between the physical and virtual worlds, but making these associations can help you remember these areas to manage for your website. More detailed articles on each of these areas will be posted in the future and linked here. I list these in the order they would be performed in setting up a typical website.

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Welcome to feddy.ca!

Today I am happy to launch feddy.ca, the web base for the web development and management services of Jon Fedyk and a source of information for small business and non-profit organizations starting or updating their websites.

feddy.ca is open for new projects on a limited basis. Projects of any substantial size get my full focus until completion. Please check with me regarding my availability for your project.

Take a look around, explore some of our services, read some articles and leave your comments here.