Understanding Web Marketing

It has been a while since I posted here and a few links have been building up in the wings.  A number of them are articles I have read from various sites on online marketing.  I thought it would be a good time to publish a post with these links with a few comments around them.

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Over the past few months some transitions have been happening at feddy.ca. First, I’ve started working on changing the focus of the site to a personal rather than business site. I have decided to divest myself of my web hosting and administration clients and will instead focus on my own projects. As such, this site’s focus will broaden to include posts on other topics besides web hosting and administration.  The web and web hosting topics will still be a topic I wish to discuss, albeit with less of a focus on tutorials and more on trends and solutions.

Today, another step was taken in transitioning the site as I have moved to a new host.  If you are reading this, everything has worked well.  I have some more work to do on the site and will fit in more changes as I can.  After I get some other projects completed, feddy.ca will receive some of my focus.  As a personal project I will not feel as guilty about letting the site languish without updates as I have in the past.  No one read blogs any more anyway; all the kids are on Twitter now.

Thanks to all my visitors and hopefully searchers continue to find what they are looking for here.

Is Writing on the Web for Everyone?

Merlin Mann provides a definition of a what makes a good blog that, for me, describes the power and potential of blogs as well.  As for what is out there in terms of blogs, there probably is the 80/20 rule in effect.  80% of the blogs are not well done and not worth reading.  Inside of the 20% of good blogs, you are likely to find some gems on topics you are interested in.  If you can’t find anything on a particular topic, that is a hint there may be an opportunity there.

Exchanging real ideas and building relationships results in long term growth, careers even.  If you want the get rich quick scheme you can be like 80% of the people out there, throwing whatever they can at the Internet, hoping something will stick.  Rather than trying a million stupid ideas, hoping one will be the next pet rock, more can be made by focusing on something you enjoy and writing about it.

Not that type of person?  Don’t have any original ideas or anything to say?  No one said it was for everyone.

Being Small and Standing Out

I preach about anybody being able to compete with anyone on the Internet.  You just need some hard work, something that people need and time (and perhaps some luck or the right group of people to spread the word about you).  Many people don’t believe that though.  They can’t see how they can compete, how they can stand out and be noticed and how they will make more than they spend?

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Do I Really Want to Blog?

Mention the word “blog” to people when explaining how they can utilize the Internet for their organization and you will often be greeted with immediate resistance.  “Why would I want to do that?”, “I’m not that type of person.”, “What does that have to do with my business?” are common responses.  Many people’s exposure to blogs has come through the media’s coverage of them with their explosion earlier this decade.  Knowledge of blogs from a television news report on political blogging in 2004 does not cover the usefulness of blogging in 2009.

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