Jon Fedyk’s Curriculum Vitæ

Jon Fedyk is a technology specialist with over 20 years of experience in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.


4526 Harbour Village Way
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4W 0C1


I am not available for international or relocation opportunities. I am open to talking with those with specific problems in IT transformations and how I may help address. Serious employers may regarding opportunities.


Develop and maintain CFLdb family of sites

  • Independently operate all aspects of the sites (provisioning, system administration, database, development, performance).
  • Web development using Django framework.
  • Make engineering and development performance decisions.
  • Source, acquire, clean and compile bulk data.
  • Make design and organization decisions for UX, mobile, browser considerations.
  • Utilize new technology and develop skills to expand, scale, develop and grow sites.


My full resume is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (alternative link).


Management and Leadership

As a Solutions Designer I currently manage and oversee projects, mentor team members and provide technical leadership to the organization. I bring innovative, modern management ideas to IT, including Agile, Kanban, DevOps and continuous improvement practices along with a business focus strategy for IT.

I have held leadership positions a number of times in my career:

  • Acting Supervisor, Wintel Team, Co-operators Life (9 months).
  • Team Lead, IT Procurement, SaskPower (1 year).
  • Team Lead, Software QA, ISM-BC, (1 year).

Operations and System Administration

I have worked with a wide variety of platforms and systems, including Windows and Linux. In over 10 years of experience in Operations and System Administration, I have:

  • Proposed the adoption of new techniques to manage work-in-progress to speed delivery to the business while maintaining a stable environment.
  • Transitioned the company to the Cisco UCS platform to save 40% in capital costs and 50% in hardware management labour.
  • Adopted virtualization on the VMware platform to accommodate explosive growth and acquisitions by the business that could not have been accommodated otherwise.
  • Implemented File Transfer Services to consolidate all legacy internal and external file transfers under a single service, reducing after hour call outs.


I started coding in grade school in BASIC, learning other languages later in life, to the Python/Django stack I prefer today. I am an intermediate developer with an understanding of the development process and challenges. I believe in:

  • Agile development, automated testing, continuous integration.
  • Managing work-in-progress to improve throughput.
  • Distributed version control (Git, Mercurial).
  • Automated deployment and provisioning processes.
  • Coding standards (like PEP 8).
  • Paying down technical debt.
  • Using the right tool for the job.
  • Thinking about performance, security, maintainability, metrics and monitoring during the development process.


  • MCSE (Windows 2000) – March 2002


  • Django, Python and Python tools
  • Virtualization
  • Network, computing, storage and virtualization convergence
  • Automation of every aspect of infrastructure support — DevOps
  • Open data/public data web applications
  • Iterative development, automated deployments, testing, rollbacks
  • Statistics and data presentation

Primary Skill Sets

  • Knowledge of DevOps, Kanban and implementing processes to increase throughput.
  • Knowledge and experience in technical solutions for high availability, virtualization, scaling solutions and performance among others.
  • Informed of current technology trends and topics.
  • Preparing well researched papers on technology issues and directions.
  • Experience with Enterprise IT issues from the data centre to acquisitions to technology choices.
  • Developing web sites in Django, automation in Python and bash.

Core Expertise

  • Virtualization: VMware, Xen
  • Web Servers: Apache, nginx, IIS
  • Database Servers: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Load balancers/reverse proxy: nginx, Citrix Netscaler, Microsoft ISA Server
  • System Administration: Windows, Linux
  • Application Frameworks: Django
  • Languages:
    • Application development – Python, PHP, SQL
    • Scripting/automation – Python, Bash, VBscript, Windows Command Shell
  • DVCS: Mercurial, Subversion, git
  • Other: Networks, security

Developing Skills

  • .NET – C# development, Agile Engineering, TDD, BTDD
  • Cloud: Rackspace, Azure, Linode
  • Configuration Management: Salt/Salt Cloud, Microsoft SCCM, VMware vCloud Suite
  • Scripting – Powershell, C#


  • Mentor
  • Leader
  • Researcher
  • Problem Solver
  • Infrastructure Designer
  • Team Builder

Reference Library

Selected Books

  • The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win (Kim et al.)
  • The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement (Goldratt et al.)
  • Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business (Anderson)
  • Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager (Lopp)
  • Being Geek: The Software Developer’s Career Handbook (Lopp)
  • The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering (Brooks)
  • Smart and Gets Things Done: Joel Spolsky’s Concise Guide to Finding the Best Technical Talent (Spolsky)
  • Head First Statistics (Griffiths)
  • Head First Data Analysis (Milton)
  • Information Dashboard Design (Few)
  • Show Me The Numbers (Few)
  • Now You See It (Few)
  • Getting Things Done (Allen)
  • The Now Habit (Fiore)
  • High Performance MySQL, 2nd Edition (Schwartz et al.)
  • PHP 5 Unleashed (Coggeshall)
  • Learning Python, 3rd Edition (Lutz)

Selected Sites/Articles

Reading list – I am not the author of these sites/articles