Website Owner’s Manual

A great idea for a book, the Website Owner’s Manual: The Secret to Successful Websites, is a guide for website owners’ whose background is not in design or development, allowing them to get the most from their website.  I have not read the book, but I believe there is an untapped market for this book.  From the review, table of contents and synopsis I believe even individuals responsible for a small business or personal website will get a lot out of this book.  A crash course in planning, launching and managing a website will help many people achieve the success they expect on their first attempt.

Understanding Website Logs

Web logs describe the traffic patterns and visitor levels of your site.  As you can imagine this information is very valuable to understanding what is working on a website and what is not.  Web logs can be misunderstood, or worse ignored, because of a lack of education and knowledge. Understanding web log terms and how to analyze traffic numbers will help site owners make sound decisions about their website.

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Google SEO Guide

A quick review of the Google Search Engine Optimizer Start Guide shows it to be a valuable starter resource to the basics of search engines and page and site optimization for not just search engines but people as well.  I like that it talks about a topic, like unique, accurate page titles, and gives good practice suggestions as well as what to avoid.  It all matches with the common webmaster guidelines in a simple format that is not overly technical.  An excellent resource I will be recommending all clients and people with websites read.

Your Product: The Content

Last post I struggled through the most difficult part of my metaphor — a building of website software.  Now I come to the most important and often overlooked part of creating a website — the content or your product.  A physical business is filled with what is being sold, whether products or a place for services.  This is what the people come for.  The quality, price and service all affect customer satisfaction.  On the web, this is only half the story.

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