Rural History and Culture Association Re-launch

A belated congratulations to the Rural History and Culture Association of Saskatchewan, who implemented a re-launch of their site in early December. Eighteen months after their quick initial launch they re-evaluated their focus, tweaked the design and re-did the content based on a narrowed purpose. I believe they capture the essence of their work very well on the new site. As an added bonus, their new Roads Less Travelled gallery section nicely highlights some of the geography and landmarks of the region. [Full disclosure — I provide hosting, development and technical assistance for].

The RHCA is an example how you can create a site, make mistakes, grow and learn. Creating the perfect site is not likely to happen for anyone, least of all groups with limited resources and experiences. As your experience builds, though, you let go of a lot of the preconceived notions of how a site should look and navigate, what information you should have and where it should be, and the idea that your site is simply a billboard on the web.

Welcome to!

Today I am happy to launch, the web base for the web development and management services of Jon Fedyk and a source of information for small business and non-profit organizations starting or updating their websites. is open for new projects on a limited basis. Projects of any substantial size get my full focus until completion. Please check with me regarding my availability for your project.

Take a look around, explore some of our services, read some articles and leave your comments here.