All Quiet on the Feddy Front

Things will remain quiet here on the front for the foreseeable future.  I am occupied with other things for a while and it will take some time for them to be straightened out.  The site is not being abandoned, nor will I stop monitoring activity here.  Maintenance will continue in order to stay ahead of the attackers and spammers.

When I come back it will probably be with a new design and format.  Until then, my off-line focus will be on developing my desired direction for the site.


Over the past few months some transitions have been happening at First, I’ve started working on changing the focus of the site to a personal rather than business site. I have decided to divest myself of my web hosting and administration clients and will instead focus on my own projects. As such, this site’s focus will broaden to include posts on other topics besides web hosting and administration.  The web and web hosting topics will still be a topic I wish to discuss, albeit with less of a focus on tutorials and more on trends and solutions.

Today, another step was taken in transitioning the site as I have moved to a new host.  If you are reading this, everything has worked well.  I have some more work to do on the site and will fit in more changes as I can.  After I get some other projects completed, will receive some of my focus.  As a personal project I will not feel as guilty about letting the site languish without updates as I have in the past.  No one read blogs any more anyway; all the kids are on Twitter now.

Thanks to all my visitors and hopefully searchers continue to find what they are looking for here.

Site Dormancy Syndrome

April 12. That was when I last posted here on I’ve fallen victim to Site Dormancy Syndrome (SDS). I had big plans for new posts and releasing some code to the public here, but extra hours on top of a full time job with other work commitments led to burnout. The first thing to suffer was my work here. I have got through the worst at work, and used my two weeks vacation to recover. I will be using August to wrap up some other commitments and catch up on some outstanding work. I plan on getting back to this site and other projects in the fall, likely September.

When I do return to posting, I plan on honing the direction of the site, with regular posts on a variety of web topics for beginners. Mostly these posts will be for me to point clients and people who approach me with questions to, but if any visitor finds it useful that will be a bonus. It will take a commitment to a regular routine to get thoughts on paper, refined, revised and published and I will try to make that commitment. If it requires me to space out posts two or three times a month to maintain a regular schedule, I will do that. The goal is to avoid SDS.

Coupons For ASO Hosting

Note: I no longer host with A Small Orange and the below coupons are no longer valid.

I have resisted placing a bunch of A Small Orange (my host for this site) referral pitches on in an effort to grab a few months credit from sign ups when the referee gets nothing. Recently, however, ASO has revamped their referral program to be linked based rather than entering the referrer in the order form and have added coupons as well. Therefore I decided to post these for anyone, client, potential client or other, who may want to take advantage of a discount at ASO.

Place your order with codes feddy5off for $5 off your order or feddy15%off for 15% off your order in the coupon field on the order form. (Full disclosure — I receive credit for the cost of one month of the plan you sign up for using the above link). Use the $5 off coupon when signing up for Tiny Shared Hosting or a Developer VPS at $25 per year. Otherwise it makes more sense to sign up for 1 year of any of the other Shared Hosting or VPS plans and use the 15% off coupon code.

I have updated the hosting page with the referral link and coupon codes as well.

A Plan For a New Year

Almost unnoticed on my part, 2008 has arrived. Despite not spending enough time on in 2007, I have plans for some changes here early this year.

I have tentative plans to get some plugins I have been working on (and some just formulating in my mind) to some clients and after some testing, make them available to the general public. I hope to start the release of these plugins in the first quarter. I will not provide any more details on the purpose of the plugins; this is to serve more as a motivator for me than a vapourware announcement.

I also want to post more on some introductory tutorials on various topics. I have in my mind posts explaining e-commerce aspects such as PayPal, Amazon affiliate links and perhaps even Google AdWords and AdSense and other marketing tools as these are often the topics of queries I receive. I also think I want to touch more on using web applications such as and Flickr and the benefits of doing so. In addition, I will post on the developments that I feel help my type of client, individuals, small and non-profit businesses, become more efficient, effective and competitive on the web.

If you have finished reading ahead on the above links for future topics, try searching for good tutorials and explanations on them as the book, as it were, has already been written on all these topics. I have had this link kicking around for a while; see if these advanced search engine search tips help you find what you are looking for.

Not very ambitious it seems, but plenty for me to accomplish. On top of all that, there are some changes to the site design I wish to make and time needed to re-create the resources section to be more like my vision. If I can achieve all of this, I will consider 2008 a very successful year.