Writing Process

A recent Vitamin entry 10 Things to Consider when Writing for the Web contains much of the same advice that I stress when people ask about creating or redesigning a website.  Know your audience, find your purpose, and develop a friendly voice or dialogue with visitors are a few things that need to be figured out before you start.  Then once you have a draft down there are the headlines, links, and style to polish.  Finally, refine the work by whittling it down to the right length, checking spelling and grammar.

Notice I said get a draft down or outline set before you start worry about your headlines or links.  Focusing too much on the ten tips you read and trying to make sure you follow them right from the start is a recipe for writer’s block.  Get ideas down on paper, in short and point form and work from there.  Once you have your vision forming, worry about the details like headlines and links.  An outline is a good place to start, but don’t think you will get it right in your first draft.  Your initial thoughts may take you somewhere completely different once you see it on paper, requiring major revisions.  It does get you to where you want to go, though.  Now get writing!