Content Mistakes

Kristina Halvorson lists three web content mistakes in an interview on ThinkVitamin.  While directed at larger organizations that employ copywriters and content professionals, I think the mistakes and solutions can be valuable for even small organizations to understand when creating or updating a site.

I’ve spoken about forgetting about the content in designing a site before, where the focus is on the visual look and splashiness of the site.  Kristina’s number one mistake talks about forgetting about the content after it is created.  She talks about a content life cycle that allows the content to remain it’s freshest.  There are also some great questions to ask when starting a project that will help define what needs to be done.

The second mistake is about the time needed to create the content.  I’ve talked about this before as well.  Good content doesn’t create itself, so get started early and don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Remember, more is not always better.  The third mistake goes with the second.  The project should often be defined by what you want to say, not the other way around.  Establishing the project around your goals and mission helps accomplish that and if you get off track, refer back to those to right yourself.