Over the past few months some transitions have been happening at First, I’ve started working on changing the focus of the site to a personal rather than business site. I have decided to divest myself of my web hosting and administration clients and will instead focus on my own projects. As such, this site’s focus will broaden to include posts on other topics besides web hosting and administration.  The web and web hosting topics will still be a topic I wish to discuss, albeit with less of a focus on tutorials and more on trends and solutions.

Today, another step was taken in transitioning the site as I have moved to a new host.  If you are reading this, everything has worked well.  I have some more work to do on the site and will fit in more changes as I can.  After I get some other projects completed, will receive some of my focus.  As a personal project I will not feel as guilty about letting the site languish without updates as I have in the past.  No one read blogs any more anyway; all the kids are on Twitter now.

Thanks to all my visitors and hopefully searchers continue to find what they are looking for here.