More Video Resources From Search Engines

I have been busy at work recently so I do not have my next post in my series on the components of a website ready.  I will get the next post in that series up in the next couple weeks.  In the meantime, there were some very valuable posts from Google and Microsoft this past week that provide reinforcement of many of the concepts I write about and get asked about frequently.

Google’s Webmaster Central blog has produced a number of good basic instructional videos on topics such as discoverability, accessibility and ranking as well as Webmaster Central and other tools in this post.  These videos provide very short, easy to understand explanations of these topics and related information.  The Live Search Webmaster Center Blog also has posts on Webmaster Guidelines and Unraveling URLs and Demystifying Domains with information from presentations from the SMX East 2008 conference.

When you are just getting started with a website, I find these short, simple explanations right from the search engines helps reinforce an understanding of why administrators recommend certain methods.  This helps create the right expectations from new site owners as to how they will be discovered and ranked by the search engines.