Site Dormancy Syndrome

April 12. That was when I last posted here on I’ve fallen victim to Site Dormancy Syndrome (SDS). I had big plans for new posts and releasing some code to the public here, but extra hours on top of a full time job with other work commitments led to burnout. The first thing to suffer was my work here. I have got through the worst at work, and used my two weeks vacation to recover. I will be using August to wrap up some other commitments and catch up on some outstanding work. I plan on getting back to this site and other projects in the fall, likely September.

When I do return to posting, I plan on honing the direction of the site, with regular posts on a variety of web topics for beginners. Mostly these posts will be for me to point clients and people who approach me with questions to, but if any visitor finds it useful that will be a bonus. It will take a commitment to a regular routine to get thoughts on paper, refined, revised and published and I will try to make that commitment. If it requires me to space out posts two or three times a month to maintain a regular schedule, I will do that. The goal is to avoid SDS.