Complete Tools for DIYers

Thought I would provide a quick link to a video presentation on the Google TrifectaGoogle Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer that I finally got around to viewing last week. I was quite impressed with the Website Optimizer as I never looked at it in detail before. I thought the whole presentation was a great introduction to website owners to these free tools available to them. Understanding that these tools are out there is key to deciding to move and do it yourself or hire someone with the expertise to assist you with the setup and management of the tools. Many people with brick and mortar stores expanding onto the web don’t realize there are these powerful tools that will help them tremendously during the initial stages of their Internet expansion.

Microsoft also recently updated their Live Search Webmaster Center tools to provide much of the same information available in Google’s Webmaster Tools. If you haven’t signed up or been using Live Search Webmaster Center, you should check it out now.

On another note, I continuously have to remind clients about the importance of their content, of making it permanent, findable, and relevant. Too often people want to tear everything down and start from scratch. Unless you are on an old system that doesn’t provide a lot of features and content that is not worth saving, it is important to not remove old content even if it is no longer relevant. Updates that make note of the changes and direct visitors to other relevant areas is a much better idea for maintaining traffic, especially from search engines. But don’t listen to me, listen to Jonathon Snook.

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