Coupons For ASO Hosting

Note: I no longer host with A Small Orange and the below coupons are no longer valid.

I have resisted placing a bunch of A Small Orange (my host for this site) referral pitches on in an effort to grab a few months credit from sign ups when the referee gets nothing. Recently, however, ASO has revamped their referral program to be linked based rather than entering the referrer in the order form and have added coupons as well. Therefore I decided to post these for anyone, client, potential client or other, who may want to take advantage of a discount at ASO.

Place your order with codes feddy5off for $5 off your order or feddy15%off for 15% off your order in the coupon field on the order form. (Full disclosure — I receive credit for the cost of one month of the plan you sign up for using the above link). Use the $5 off coupon when signing up for Tiny Shared Hosting or a Developer VPS at $25 per year. Otherwise it makes more sense to sign up for 1 year of any of the other Shared Hosting or VPS plans and use the 15% off coupon code.

I have updated the hosting page with the referral link and coupon codes as well.