A Plan For a New Year

Almost unnoticed on my part, 2008 has arrived. Despite not spending enough time on feddy.ca in 2007, I have plans for some changes here early this year.

I have tentative plans to get some plugins I have been working on (and some just formulating in my mind) to some clients and after some testing, make them available to the general public. I hope to start the release of these plugins in the first quarter. I will not provide any more details on the purpose of the plugins; this is to serve more as a motivator for me than a vapourware announcement.

I also want to post more on some introductory tutorials on various topics. I have in my mind posts explaining e-commerce aspects such as PayPal, Amazon affiliate links and perhaps even Google AdWords and AdSense and other marketing tools as these are often the topics of queries I receive. I also think I want to touch more on using web applications such as del.icio.us and Flickr and the benefits of doing so. In addition, I will post on the developments that I feel help my type of client, individuals, small and non-profit businesses, become more efficient, effective and competitive on the web.

If you have finished reading ahead on the above links for future topics, try searching for good tutorials and explanations on them as the book, as it were, has already been written on all these topics. I have had this link kicking around for a while; see if these advanced search engine search tips help you find what you are looking for.

Not very ambitious it seems, but plenty for me to accomplish. On top of all that, there are some changes to the site design I wish to make and time needed to re-create the resources section to be more like my vision. If I can achieve all of this, I will consider 2008 a very successful year.