Quick Tools and Niche Content Notes

I wanted to make a quick post to make my clients aware of a change to the Google Webmaster Tools. The addition of a content analysis section and sitemap details page will not show much information if everything is OK, but will be valuable if you are experiencing any issues with your site.

I also wanted to highlight a summary of Richard Rosenblatt’s keynote from a recent WebmasterWorld conference in a recent Yahoo! Search Blog post.

… most content online today is about sports, politics, news, and other common topics, leaving long tail topics underserved. He emphasized that there is significant demand for quality content in the long tail and therefore an unaddressed opportunity to create content and capitalize on the monetization opportunities.

Dealing with many small non-profit and individuals, this viewpoint cannot be emphasized enough. The fact is information (or content) is what is in demand on the Internet. People search for information. Providing that information provides the opportunity to spin contacts off into your primary business or focus, whether that be goods or services. Check out the book The Long Tail by Chris Anderson for more information on how the Internet helps the niche topic reach its market.