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Matt Cutts has culled together a number of interviews from PubCon. Matt gives some advice and examples in 3 steps to building up a site, with WordPress named as a platform that is performing SEO right out of the box. Matt expands on this and more in Matt’s tips to small business owners (approx. 10 min) in which he answers a number of small business perspective questions from Reachd TV. Once again Matt provides testimonial that the tools are there for the small guy to compete on the Internet. Matt is always full of such enthusiasm it rubs off on me in the desire to help make the web an even playing field for the big and small alike.

I have been advocating WordPress as a starter platform for those with limited time, expertise and money for about three years now. WordPress’ usability, flexibility and expandability make it a great platform to learn and make mistakes on. Once growth or other factors warrant, you can move to a more custom platform. It is nice to see somebody like Matt validate those thoughts.

It was also nice to stumble upon out of Vancouver, who offer SEO and AdWord bootcamps, as well as SEO information and discussion on their blog. I offer less formal knowledge transfer as part of my services for the less established business owner who may not be able to commit funds for a formal workshop. If you have questions about anything in these videos, I can help. I also provide custom training as part of site implementations, from how to use your new site to best practice techniques for your visitors and search engines.

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  1. Hi Jon,
    Thanks for posting the video. We have had great feedback from the video and look forward to shooting some more. At Pubcon in Vegas we shot about 17 interviews, all of which are on our website.
    Thanks again

  2. No problem. It is exciting to see SEO organizations preaching the solid, standard way of optimizing for search engines, like focusing on content. There has been just so much bad information out there in the past, it is nice to see good advice instead of promises of ranking from shady tactics.

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