Designing Homepages for Tomorrow

The web homepage has changed since many of us started surfing the web in the ’90s. No longer is most traffic the result of someone entering a URL found in a magazine or other media. Instead, today’s Internet traffic comes from search engines that ends up not on your homepage but on interior content pages if you are providing any kind of quality content.

What does this mean for the homepage? This good examination of the role of the homepage lays out some ideas around building or re-designing a site’s homepage. In general, the homepage should focus on the key areas of your site that you wish to highlight while not becoming a crowded dumping ground of links to every area of your site. A balance of content and whitespace will provide the proper impression for visitors that land on your site without overwhelming them with choices. Some of the best homepages I have seen focus on one purpose for the site, whether it is a product, service or idea, and the navigation to other areas are almost invisible but easy to find. This brief article is worth a read to incorporate the author’s ideas and perspective in your site’s homepage.