Adobe Flash Best Practice

The Official Google Webmaster Central Blog recently posted on the Best Uses of Flash. Coming from the dominant leader in web search technologies, their recommendations are important for each site owner to understand and consider.

To summarize their post, Flash is best used to enhance sites with rich media, not to replace navigation and content. This is important not only for your visitors but for search engines, which can only index non-Flash, non-image navigation and text content. Index of this content is what will help surfers find your site.

In addition to thinking like your visitors, you should also think of your visitors’ experience. A full Flash only site can be inaccessible to surfers with slow connections, people with disabilities (Flash content can cause difficulty with screen readers, and there are other considerations to understand to make Flash as accessible as possible), and people who have not installed or are blocking Flash content. Instead of slowing down your visitors by requiring the Flash plugin be installed and Flash content loaded to see any part of the site, use Flash only where rich media is needed, but provide the main content of the site in HTML. At a bare minimum, provide a HTML alternative site to the Flash version; however, this requires additional work to create and maintain two sites.

At, I recommend clients follow these guidelines when implementing Flash content. I do not develop Flash content, but if that is part of your site plan, we can help you find a developer or implement your developer’s Flash content on your site in an appropriate way.