A Guide to Starting a Website

The web and Internet are becoming an integral part of the lives of more and more people each year across age, social-economic and geographic boundaries, however, there still exists very little understanding among general users of the web on how the web actually works. For those who do not make their living designing and developing websites and applications, the web is like a microwave oven; you know what buttons to push to make it work but you do not know how to build one.

While creating a website is not as complicated as building a microwave oven, the web landscape does change more quickly than microwave oven technology. Small businesses and non-profit organizations may not have someone with a web skill set in their organization to do their website development. In addition, attempting to figure out how to create a website can be difficult when you do not know where to start. A lot of the information out there, both in books and on the web, is outdated and not accurate for today’s and tomorrow’s websites. So how do you find the right path to a modern website that will stand out and allow you to compete against the largest competitors?

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Welcome to feddy.ca!

Today I am happy to launch feddy.ca, the web base for the web development and management services of Jon Fedyk and a source of information for small business and non-profit organizations starting or updating their websites.

feddy.ca is open for new projects on a limited basis. Projects of any substantial size get my full focus until completion. Please check with me regarding my availability for your project.

Take a look around, explore some of our services, read some articles and leave your comments here.